1st Battalion Queen's Regiment
Postings Northern Ireland

1 Queen's Northern Ireland


1 Queen's Arrive in Londonderry

Operation Banner Tribute

Soldier Magazine 1955 - 1969


ON guard–On British soilOn guard on British soil
British Army helps the police in Northern Ireland to guard against outrages by the IRA
Apr 1955

Across the sea to IrelandAcross the sea to Ireland
The largest exercise in Northern Ireland in peacetime
Jan 1969

Guardians of water and powerGuardians of power and water
1 PWO moves to Northern Ireland to guard utilities against terrorist attack
Aug 1969

Watchful, wary and waitingWatchful, wary & waiting
British troops brought in to safeguard life and property in Belfast and Londonderry
Oct 1969

Soldier Magazine 1970 - 1979


24 hours a day Queen's Regt24 hours a day (Queen's)
British troops are equipped and ready
Jan 1970

Guardians of the six countiesGuardians of the six counties
The Ulster Defence Regiment
Dec 1970

Baton, shield and rubber bulletBaton, shield & rubber bullet
The Army is to be issued with a new kind of weapon to cope with the Troubles Mar 1971

In the streets of broken glasslIn the streets of broken glass
With startling suddenness and ferocity, another riot had erupted in Belfast
Sept 1971

REME–The lifesaversREME – The lifesavers
Soldiers and civilians retaliate with lightning counter-measures
Sept 1971

On guard by land, 'sea' and airOn guard by land, sea & air
17th/21st Lancers on patrol for the safety of the citizens and maintenance of order
Nov 1971

Cavalry of the cloudsCavalry of the clouds
The Parachute Squadron, the Royal Armoured Corps
Dec 1971

Derry DiaryDerry diary
SOLDIER shares with gunner-infantrymen, in the violence that is
Jan 1972

Life-saving medical servicesLife-saving medical services
A super-efficient organisation capable of dealing with any foreseeable riot disaster
Feb 1972

Home, home on the rangeHome, home on the range
Fort Monagh and Silver City, it could almost be in the Wild West,
Feb 1973

Part-timers on the frontlinePart-timers on the frontline
The Ulster Defence Regiment
Apr 1973

UDR–A growing threat to the terroristsUDR – A growing threat to the terrorists
The Ulster Defence Regiment
Dec 1976

The first lady of the GreenfinchesThe first lady of the Greenfinches
Six years ago, Lyn changed her life, The Ulster Defence Regiment,
Sep 1979

Soldier Magazine 1980 - 1989


GOODBYE Grand CentralGoodbye Grand Central
Once Belfast's premier hotel, 'The GCH' became home to thousands of British soldiers
Feb 1981

Views from the borderViews from the border
On patrol
Mar 1982

A day on the borderA day on the border
SOLDIER joined soldiers from 3 LI for a day on the border,
Jan 1983

Why military cops dance to 'supergrass' songsWhy military cops dance to 'supergrass' songs
1 Regiment, Royal Military Police in Northern Ireland,
Oct 1983

Last patrols for The Green HowardsLast patrols for The Green Howards
Their vehicle patrol was part of a 36-man patrol needed to protect two RUC policemen Dec 1985

Border WatchBorder watch
Search patrolling–that's 'real soldiering'
Jan 1986

Bombs are their businessBombs are their business
321 EOD Coy RAOC, in the front line against terrorism
Nov 1987

ROYAL Welch in Northern IrelandRoyal Welch in Northern Ireland
Fusiliers on patrol
Dec 1987

NO place for dilly dallyingNO place for dilly dallying
Queensmen Londoners discover West Belfast
Aug 1988

AT home with the RangersAt home with the Rangers
In Ulster with 1 R Irish
Mar 1989

Scarlet Santa-nelScarlet Santa-nel
Santa visits 1 R Anglian at Newtownhamilton
Dec 1989

Burns on the borderBurns on the border
1 KOSB celebrates link with the Muse
Feb 1990

Why vehicle checkpoints cause a bit of 'schinfin'Why vehicle checkpoints cause a bit of 'schinfin'
1 KOSB on patrol
Mar 1990

LIGHT Infantry feels change of mood on Belfast's streetsLight Infantry feels change of mood on Belfast's streets
SOLDIER joins riflemen of 3 LI
Jan 1992

Big boost for NI strengthBig boost for NI strength
Troop numbers rise to their highest level since 1981
Feb 1992

Greenjackets in Northern IrelandGreenjackets in Northern Ireland
Three Regular battalions serve together for the last time
Feb 1992

NO respite for PWO in BelfastNo respite for PWO in Belfast
The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire completes six-month tour of Belfast Jun 1992

On home soilOn home soil
From peace to public disorder –
Veterans recall beginning of Op Banner

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