1 Queen's Roll of Honour
RHQ Notifications Roll of Honour

1st Battalion The Queen's Regiment Roll of Honour

Lest We Forget

Cpl Jack Folan 25/07/17

Sgt Tom Sivell 19/07/17

C/Sgt Michael Potts 23/05/17

Sgt (Drum Major) Mark Hansen 26/01/2017

Pte Ross Noe 02/07/2016

L/Cpl Steve "Bing" Crosby 09/05/2016

Vic "Andy" Anderson 08/01/2016

CSgt Joe Gooden 26/07/2015

CPL Ronald Brill BEM MSM 04/05/2015

WO2 Peter Robinson 11/01/2015

Sgt Peter "Mr B" Bailey 29/11/2014

L/Cpl Edwin John "Smiler" Miles 20/11/2014

C/Sgt Kevin Dowling 22/10/2014

Lt Col Robert Michael McGhie OBE 14/10/2014
(1st and 3rd Queen's)

Carl Crowhurst 25/07/2014

Patrick "Frenchie" Travers-Hill 26/04/2014

Chris Poulton 11/03/2014

Dave Haggarty 06/03/2014

Sgt Martyn "Bill" Walker 13/12/2013

Ray Greengrass 28/10/2013

CSgt Robert "Sid" Sadler 16/07/2013

Major Max Maloney 25/06/2013

23979944 Sgt David Gatehouse 17/07/2012 UK

23247923 C/Sgt Del Gardner 03/06/2012 UK

514997 Maj Vic Ebbens MBE 11/05/2012 UK

C/Sgt Sid Hilton 20/03/2012 UK

Major John T Doran 15/02/2012 UK

Pte Harold Terry 25/11/2011 UK
(Queen's Royal Surrey Regt / 1 Queen's)

Brigadier (Retd)
John Holman CBE DL
07/10/2011 UK

LCpl Michael Sacre 29/09/2011 UK

Cpl Pete Johnson 02/08/2011

WOII Ian Caldwell 02/03/2011

Sgt Arthur Williams 08/03/2011
(Queen's Royal Surrey Regt / 1 Queen's)

John "Johnny B" Belsham 26/02/2011

Derick "Slug" Collis 20/01/2011

WOI Danny Lawless 12/01/2011

Wally Wall 17/10/2009

Jeffrey Gibson --/09/2010

Andy Kent 06/08/2009

John "Skunk" Irwin 17/02/2010

Sgt Peter "Sammy" Trent 07/02/2010

John "Paddy" Spring 24/07/2008

Mark Measor 01/10/2008

Peter "Sammy" Davies 25/08/2008

Cpl Darrell "Browny" Brown 30/05/2008

Selwyn Johns 22/04/2008

Cpl Barry Bristow 23/03/2007

C/Sgt Bert Butler 04/02/2006

Cpl Martin Cowley 23/11/2005

Keith Rel-Arnold 06/09/2005

Gordon Richard Hill 23/05/2005

Paul Richard Simmons 24/05/2005

WO2 L Moodie 25/12/2004

Colin Jackson --/09/2004

Bruce McCririck 28/07/2004

WO2 Alec Bromige 25/07/2004

Capt Barry Camille 09/04/2004

John Rutherford 01/02/2001



Provo Sgt Mick Milsom 12/11/1999

James "Jim" Patrick Dwyer 20/10/1999

C/Sgt Pete 'Scragger' Maye Aug 1997

David Archer 07/12/1994

524268 Capt Simon R Burnett 18/05/1991 BAOR

24767215 Pte AD Pincombe 01/01/1991 UK

24712360 LCpl Shane M Boag 14/12/1990 UK



24757583 Pte TR Francios 06/07/1989 UK

24736494 Pte RM Goble 13/10/1987 UK

24553864 Cpl John J Havart 23/03/1986 UK

24686580 Pte NJ Griffin 19/03/1986 GIB

24053546 WO2 MC Broad 24/07/1985 UK

23951769 WO1 RSM Geoff Budgen 31/10/1984 NI

24662754 Pte Stephen P Randall 23/05/1984 NI

Pte Richard Biddle 09/04/1983 NI

24180055 LCpl PTS Rye 07/09/1982

24380831 Pte G Biddlcombe 07/09/1982 UK

24554361 Pte TP Hale 22/02/1982

24342515 LCpl DJ Wicker 08/05/1980 UK

24468305 Pte DJ Frazer 03/02/1980



24342690 Pte GW Bryden 09/07/1979

24342936 Pte EB "Brian" Mortimer 01/07/1979 BAOR

479272 Capt MJA Keely DSO
22nd SAS/ 1 Queen's 02/02/1979 UK

23999810 LCpl Fred J Eyre 24/11/1976 BAOR

24259642 LCpl CJ Stroud 16/08/1975 UK

24197993 Pte WJ Mountney 20/08/1974 CANADA

24261528 Pte MJ Clifford 03/07/1974 UK

22413902 WO2 C Hegarty 23/12/1973 UK

24193463 Pte SJA Evans 14/11/1972 NI

24285062 Pte Richard James Sinclair 31/10/1972 NI

24059026 Pte RJ Brimblecombe 23/06/1969 NI

24114815 Pte AA Alexander 28/06/1968 UK

14188725 Cpl AW Gammond 10/06/1967 BAOR
The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)

24093854 Pte JAW Everall 13/05/1967 BAOR


In Memory of Pete "Mr B" Bailey
C/Sgt Kev Dowlig Queen;s Regiment

In Memory of Kev Dowling
C/Sgt Kev Dowlig Queen;s Regiment

In Memory of Carl Crowhurst
Queensman Carl Crowhurst


In Memory of Dave Haggarty
Queensman Dave Haggerty


In Memory of Martyn "Bill" Walker
Queensman Martyn Bill Walker


In Memory of
CSgt "Sid" Sadler
1 Queen's / 2 PWRR
Sid Sadler


In Memory of Derick "Slug" Collis
Queensman Derick Collis


In Memory Of Ian Cadlwell

Queensman Ian Caldwell


In Memory of Andy Kent
06/08/2009 aged 46
Andy served in 1 Queen's from 1980-1989
He become a Professional Boxer.

Queensman, Andy Kent


In Memory of Sammy Trent
Quensman Sammy Trent


In Memory of Jim Dwyer
HQ Company Signal Platoon
Queensman Jim Dwyer 1st Battalion Queen's Regiment


The Regimental Collect of The Queen's Regiment

"Lord God of Hosts, stretch forth, we pray Thee. Thine almighty arm to strengthen and protect all members of The Queen's Regiment, be with them in the day of battle, and in time of peace keep them safe from all evil, endue them always with courage and loyalty, and grant that by serving Thee faithfully in all things they may be strengthened in the spirit of service to their Sovereign, their Country, and their Regiment, through Jesus Christ Our Lord."


Brigadier (Retd)
Herbert Charles Millman

Brigadier J.C._Holman
Colonel, The Queen's Regiment

Brigadier (Retd)
John Holman CBE DL

Brigadier J.C._Holman

In Memory of John Belsham

Quensman John Belsham
Official Notification


In Memory of Sid Hilton
Queensman Sid Hilton


In Memory of Michael Sacre

Queensman Michael Sacre


In Memory of John Havart
Queensman John Havart


In Memory of Robert Brimblecombe

Pte RJ Brimblecombe N.I. 1982


In Memory of Brian Mortimer
Queensman Brian Mortimer


In Memory of Fred Eyre
Queensman Fred Eyre